Get your CEO a simple Google Analytics Dashboard

Don't put your CEO's fingers into Google Analytics. This is generally too complex for those guys. What he needs is the big picture, a dashboard where he would see at a glance the bottom line of his organization's online performance.

Provide your CEO with an easy to understand dashboard. This dashboard should display only critical and highly valuable Key Performance Indicators. There's no need to show Time On Site if this has no business value. There's a big difference between a metric and a KPI.

In short, Time On Site is a metric. Average Time to complete a transaction is a Key Performance Indicator. Because you wouldn't want your visitors to get lost and take 3 hours to complete a transaction, would you?

How to get your CEO a simple Google Analytics Dashboard with DashThis?

First, sign up to DashThis . Then create your first dashboard by choosing a template like CxO / Manager". You can also personalize the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to your organization's needs.

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