How to make an Executive Dashboard for Google Analytics

You'd like to get your executive team a dashboard instead of giving them Google Analytics reports? First, let's ask ourselves what actually is an Executive Dashboard?

An Executive Dashboard is a concise report where you get the big picture, the high-level situation of the organization. You shouldn't find any details in this. If this is needed, the analyst would go find the answer, but this shouldn't appear in an Executive dashboard.

Starting from there, sit down and define the 10-most important objectives for the business. You know, those you'd get fired for not checking them. Then, define for each of the objectives a Key Performance Indicator that will measure their performance. Finally, implement them in a DashThis dashboard and voilà!

How to make an Executive Dashboard for Google Analytics with DashThis?

First, you sign up to DashThis. Then create your first dashboard by choosing a template like "CxO / Manager". You can also personalize the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to your organization's needs.

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