Email Campaign Reports Made Easy written by: Tilda Warner

Every email you send in an email campaign is a business opportunity. You most likely send hundreds if not thousands of email each month. How do you track all the KPIs? Probably manually, creating reports for each of your newsletter or campaign. The number of KPI to take into account when creating a campaign report is staggering and requires many man-hours. The money you spend on the creation of reports could be spent on another, bigger, campaign!

A complete and user-friendly way to report your newsletter KPI performance

Total sales, conversation rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, total open rate, bounces and site traffic, these are only some of the newsletter performances KPIs that you have to track in order to get the full picture of your email campaign. If only there was a way to track and report all of it, automatically... Guess what? There is a way! It's called Dashthis and it is our groundbreaking way to gather data source and create email campaign reports.

Dashthis saves you money, which can be put to better use in more newsletters, more campaigns.

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