Excel Reports template alternative for Website performance

Excel can no longer handle the amount of data that we have to process in order to generate reports. A better solution is needed.

Long ago, reports were generated using spreadsheets. These rows and columns of data were enough for basic data. However, data has grown to such levels that the excel report templates that we were used to are no longer possible. Reports are getting more complex and incorporate even more data than we were used to. This calls for an Excel reporting alternative that will be able to crunch data and combine it from different sources, spinning up a clear graphical representation of the results in a neat report.

DashThis is an online reporting tool that can be trusted to handle several source of information and break it down into a visually pleasing manner. It comes with a number of very powerful features which give you total control over the sources of the data and how you wish to view the reports. A free trial is available to give you a feel for what it is like to have reports anytime you need them.

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