Track Youtube and other online video campaigns performance report

When using video content to market, you have to know how your ads are doing. Our interactive dashboard will let you know this, and how other campaigns are doing.

Video marketing, such as the use of adword video campaign and video SEO content are critical to online success today. When showcasing a new product or service, or showing customers how your products work, video is a great way to do this. To track online video performance, such as Youtube videos, or Google+ video sharing, DashThis is the perfect solution.

Youtube marketing, how well are your video campaigns working?

After recently posting video, setting up a video campaign, or incorporating video marketing with Moz, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook campaigns, how is this Youtube video campaign really doing? With the interactive dashboard, you can track this information, as well as graph and chart data through Excel, and view how well your marketing campaign is working, and make relevant changes as required.

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