Understanding the Performance of Your Social Media Marketing using SMO Reports

With the rate at which new marketing avenues for B2B marketing are availing themselves, it is becoming difficult to generate reports for determining returns on investments. As businesses make use of tools and social media platforms such as LinkedIn in order to generate new leads, it is important that they are getting back all the necessary feedback which comes in useful when making critical marketing decisions as well as determining ROI. B2B social media performance data comes from different sources hence the need to have a tool that combines all this information together.

The ROI SMO Reporting Tool with a Difference

DashThis is an online report generation tool that makes the creation of reports that combine data from different resources such as social media sites to create reports. These reports are easy to create and are very intuitive and easy to understand. Creating reports is a breeze and no matter how complex the data may seem, DashThis will always break it down and present it the easy way. You can always give it a try and experience the power for yourself.

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