Your simplified adwords campaign performance report in one place

At DashThis, you can view your AdWords campaign performance report, along with all other online marketing ads you are currently running in one place. You will learn how to create adwords performance custom reports, allowing you to view each campaign individually, and compare them to other marketing tools you are using. Because AdWords campaigns should be used in conjunction with Bing ads (among other digital ad tools), you can also track all the marketing ads you are running at DashThis.

Track your AdWords campaign performance report online

You can view individual reports, collective reports, or even view Excel spreadsheets to track your marketing campaigns. No matter what type of business you operate, or the type of ads you are running online, you want to know how they are doing.

Click here now to try your free 30 day trial of DashThis. You will finally be able to see whether or not your marketing tactics are working, and be able to compare every ad you run in one place!

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