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Top 5 KPIs for Social Media Reporting

February 24th, 2017 — 10:03am

Social Media Reporting KPIs

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+… your company is on all these social platforms, and you dedicate time and money developing marketing strategies to improve your brand presence and attract new customers. Do they work? How do you know if your efforts are actually benefiting your business? To help you figure it out, you want to create a report, but now you’re faced with a long list of possible metrics. To help you make the right decision, our marketing experts have made a list of the top 5 KPIs for social media to measure the effectiveness of all your social media campaigns.

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The Right Signs: KPIs for Your Various Channels

December 2nd, 2016 — 12:42pm

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A special thanks to Sean Martin at Directive Consulting for writing this piece.


Ever been on a road trip where the driver has no idea where he (yes guys, it’s usually us) is going? Or looked at a car engine making some mysterious ticking noise without the slightest clue of what is actually wrong? Identifying the problem is the first step in solving the problem. To know what’s wrong – or what needs to be improved – you need to know what statistic to look at. This is where choosing the right KPIs to monitor your campaigns comes into play.

Let’s go back to the car. Or, better yet, the car engine. Efficiency is probably the most commonly used overlapping word between the dialect of an SEO agency and the dialect of engine repair. And the metaphor is sound.

To run correctly and efficiently, both need to be streamlined and ensure all of their working parts are all aimed at the same goal. Furthermore, they both need to know where to look to see if they are functioning properly – an engine has its fluid levels, the belt’s tautness, the differential charge between the alternator and the battery – you have to be looking for “the right signs.” Read article

Sean is a Content Marketing Manager at Directive Consulting, a digital marketing agency in Southern California. They specialize in integrating SEO, PPC, Social, and Content into online marketing campaigns. Check out the rest of his posts on the DC blog to see how they are innovating and changing the game.

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Finding your KPIs in the Gold Rush of Data

August 14th, 2016 — 9:24pm
Dashboard reports for web analytics

Dashboard reports: how to see all your relevant data in one place

Thank-you to Steffen Hedebrandt, Head of Marketing over at Airtame, for writing this article.


On August 16th of 1896, local miners discovered gold in the remote city of Klondike, in Yukon, Canada.

As the rumour spread and eventually reached San Francisco and Los Angeles, it launched what was later to be known as the Klondike Gold Rush. Between 1896 and 1899 more than 100,000 people made the long and presumably uncomfortable journey to Klondike.

Some got rich. Some got a bit lucky. Some died in dire pain, due to rough climate. Winter did indeed come. Most had to just travel back the long road from which they had come again, in vain. Read article

With beginnings in traditional print media, Nathalie has been in digital communications management, PR, & content marketing for 8 years. She is now in charge of communications, PR & content marketing at DashThis, where she spends her time sharing her expertise in dashboard reporting.

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