Get AdWords Call Tracking Conversions from AdWords

Call tracking is becoming one of the most requested feature from Adwords these days. We get a lot of questions on how to report on this or that. The one that is asked the most is how to get conversions from Adwords call tracking.

Well, it all starts with the click type. An Adwords ad can have different click types. From their API documentation:

  • UNKNOWN / unknown
  • LOCATION_EXPANSION / Get location details
  • MOBILE_CALL_TRACKING / Mobile phone calls
  • CALL_TRACKING / Manually dialed phone calls
  • BREADCRUMBS / Breadcrumbs
  • OFFER_PRINTS / Print offer
  • GET_DIRECTIONS / Driving direction
  • SITELINKS / Sitelink
  • PRODUCT_EXTENSION_CLICKS / Product plusbox offer
  • OTHER / Other
  • CALLS / Phone calls
  • URL_CLICKS / Headline

As you can see, you have mobile phone calls, manually dialed phone calls and phone calls.

Now, to get conversions, you’d only have to create a widget using the Advanced Editor.


Then, you select the conversion you need, i.e. one per click or many per click.

Finally, you filter by click type and select Phone calls.


That’s it! You get a nice widget to display conversions from Adwords call tracking.


» Create a dashboard using conversions from Adwords call tracking

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