Add Multiple Integrations to Your Online Dashboard

February 28th, 2018 — 1:02pm

add integrations to your online dashboard

Over time, we’ve noticed that some of our clients tend to create awesome-looking online dashboards for their own clients, but instead of grouping all their integrations together in one report, they create individual dashboards for each integration, resulting in multiple online dashboards sent to every client.

Although this process can be very useful when a client needs deeper insight about a specific data source, oftentimes, creating a dashboard for every integration is the result of a misunderstanding of what DashThis can actually do for you. DashThis’ cornerstone is simplicity, which of course refers to the automation of your reporting process, but also the joy of finding ALL your marketing data in ONE online dashboard!

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The Perfect Social Media Dashboard in 3 Steps

February 22nd, 2018 — 12:39pm

social media dashboard

“It worked! It worked! Alex, you’re the best!”

That was my good friend Mitch’s over-excited statement over the phone just yesterday.

I don’t know about being the best, but I sure gave him a rock solid piece of advice a couple of days ago which, it appears, has lead to wonders.

Mitch was recently hired as a digital marketer in one of the greatest agencies in the city. After his first day, we met for coffee and although he was enthusiastic about the job, something bothered him.

“My boss asked me to create a comprehensive dashboard for social media… for 10 of our clients! I just can’t seem to see the end of it…”

Luckily, this fell right into my field of expertise. I assured Mitch that there was a way he could actually nail his first dashboard for social media like a boss, AND in a nick of time.

Read on, Mitches of the world. You’ll thank me for this one later.

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Make your Personalized Dashboards Look Good

February 21st, 2018 — 10:07am

weekly tip personalized dashboards


We know that, just like us, you care tremendously about your clients. Sending personalized dashboards, with relevant images that look good, and that represent their brand is one of many good ways to show your clients how much you care. This is why adding your client’s logo in the dashboard’s dedicated space is always a good idea.

Sometimes, however, the logos you add appear blurry, or may look weird when combined with your personalized dashboards’ default colours in DashThis.

Fear not, for this is no dead end: you can totally overcome your logo issues with these two very simple solutions.

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