Save even more with our yearly plan promo!

Save even more with our yearly plan promo!

We have a brand-new yearly plan promotion for you! With it, you could get 2 months free (up to a $1,200 value) over the course of a year!

You already save so much time, energy and money using DashThis, why not save even more?



How much money can I save?

Let’s take a look at how much money you could actually save with our new yearly plan promo:

DashThis discount



What if I need more?

You need more than 100 dashboards? Let us know and we’ll create a custom plan just for you! Don’t worry, you’ll get a yearly discount too!



How do I get it?

All you have to do is connect to your account, go to Plan & Billing and change to a yearly plan.

Yearly plan promo DashThis


If you have any questions, need help or additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Marie Marie Lamonde

With an ever-growing love of writing and marketing, Marie proudly wears her title of Content Marketing Specialist at DashThis, sharing her dashboard expertise with her fellow marketers. 

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