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Push Custom Data in Your Dashboards With CSV Files

November 21st, 2013 — 11:22am

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Everyday, you’re dealing with data coming from multiple sources: analytics and SEO tools, social media platforms, email services, etc. It can get a little messy. We’re here to make everything easier, more organized, and faster; we support over 30 integrations to help you gather all your data into one comprehensive dashboard. Find the ones you need!

What? The one you’re looking for isn’t on our list?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! One of our favorite reporting hacks is using CSV files. You can integrate pretty much any type of custom data with this method. And because we really love making things simple, we’ve added a second hack to our reporting hack: you just need to set up your CSV files once, and they’ll be automatically updated after that!

Simple and custom – that’s how we roll!

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Valerie is a copywriter at DashThis, mostly focused on user education. Her academic background in Ancient History and Journalism first brought her to Germany, where she worked as a metal music journalist. Back in Quebec City, she’s now rocking the world of reporting!

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