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Twitter Dashboards: What You Need To Know

February 4th, 2015 — 4:16pm

As you start using DashThis, many of our Twitter fans out there have a few questions on how to create dashboards using Twitter. One of the most frequent comments we get is:

“Twitter followers for previous periods are not populating. I can only see how many current followers there are. How long does it take for Twitter information to populate? It’s been about a week!”  

This is want you want to see for your Twitter dashboard:

image 1

But this is what your dashboard shows for Twitter followers:

image 2

We hear you! We would love to provide you everything you need from data sources, such as Twitter. The thing is: we can only provide what the data sources are giving us.

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Paul is a customer service samourai at DashThis. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in public relation from Laval University. He is a real coffee aficionado and loves lengthy conversations on just about everything! In his spare time, he’s a triathlete, coach and freelancer. Ask him about his Funky Friday dance moves!

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Create Dashboards for Google+

April 5th, 2014 — 11:03am


Google+ (Plus) is the social network and identity service operated by Google. Since they opened their network to business pages, many marketers joined the band wagon. We are now happy to announce we integrated Google+ API to help you track your social performance. You can start creating dashboards and reports for Google+ today!

We created the following standard KPIs available from the Indicators drop down menu:

  • Engagement Rate (Interactions / Followers)
  • Followers count
  • Number of +1
  • Number of replies
  • Number of reshares
  • Total social Interactions

What are the metrics and dimensions available?

There is no Google+ dimension available at this time.

Metrics are:

  • Number of replies
  • Engagement Rate (Interactions / Users)
  • Followers Count
  • Number of +1
  • Number of reshares
  • Total number of social Interactions

Some notes:

  • There’s no historical data in the API at this time, only current data.
  • We keep an internal history so your numbers will evolve in time.
  • When adding a Google+ account, you must specify either the username with a “+” sign (+DashThis) or the account ID.

Do you need to create a dashboard for Google+? Then, you should try DashThis!

Stéphane has been working on business Web projects for more than 15 years. He has a computer science degree and a MBA specialized in e-commerce from Laval University in Quebec City. That also explains why his writing can sound weird: He is a French Canadian!

View his LinkedIn profile or email Stephane: stephane@dashthis.com

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