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Life in Pictures: Why Web Data Should be Visual

August 3rd, 2016 — 12:51pm

A simple DashThis dashboard report

The power of data visualization

You know how you tend to stick on Tweets or Facebook posts that have images more than those that don’t? It isn’t just you.

Now imagine if you could make someone stick on your web performance data as much as you stick on an image-laden Facebook post. Well, you can. Just make your data visual.

90% of the information your brain receives is visual, and visual information is processed approximately 60,000 times faster and more efficiently than text or verbal information.

When we read something, we’re required to think about the words were reading in order to derive meaning. This thinking occurs in the cerebral cortex-part of the brain, which is relatively slow and inefficient. However, when we see something, our visual cortex-part of the brain is the one working. By switching to this area of the brain, this shifts the cognitive balance and allows for exponentially faster and more efficient assimilation of data.



Source: Interaction Design Foundation


Basically, the quickest way to get into someone’s head is through visual communication.

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With beginnings in traditional print media, Nathalie has been in digital communications management, PR, & content marketing for 8 years. She is now in charge of communications, PR & content marketing at DashThis, where she spends her time sharing her expertise in dashboard reporting.

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Create Mailchimp Dashboards Using MailChimp API

December 4th, 2015 — 9:42am

Mailchimp Dashboard easy with dashthis

Mailchimp is a well know email marketing service provider having more than 3.5 million users. More than 4 billion emails are sent each month using this service. Many of our users rely on Mailchimp for their email marketing. That’s why we just integrated Mailchimp API into DashThis. You can now create mailchimp dashboards and reports using various Mailchimp metrics and dimensions.

We created the following standard KPIs available from the Indicators drop down menu:

  • Top Campaigns (Unique Open Rate)
  • Top Mailing Lists (Member Count)
  • Unique Open Rate
  • Users who Clicked Rate

What are the metrics and dimensions available?

Dimensions are:

  • Campaign
  • Mailing List

Metrics are:

  • Emails Sent
  • Users Who Clicked
  • List Member Count
  • Unique Opens
  • Unique Open Rate
  • Users Who Clicked Rate

Do you need to create Mailchimp dashboards using data from Mailchimp API? Then, you should try DashThis!

You will also be able to link other sources like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook and many more! So what are you waiting? Go for a free trial now!

Stéphane has been working on business Web projects for more than 15 years. He has a computer science degree and a MBA specialized in e-commerce from Laval University in Quebec City. That also explains why his writing can sound weird: He is a French Canadian!

View his LinkedIn profile or email Stephane: stephane@dashthis.com

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Unleash the power of Google Analytics’ Data Table

May 7th, 2015 — 8:41am


***Before you continue***

If you master 100 % of Google Analytics’ features, this article may not be written for you. Otherwise, if you are like 98 % of Google Analytics’ users, you are probably not using it to its fullest potential. If you consider yourself part of the second group–don’t be shy. You may want to read this one.

While the entire world is going crazy about big data, multiple fancy data analysis tools are appearing on the market. Just search for « big data analytics tool » and you will be submerged with reviews presenting the one million of the best tools available in the entire universe.

"Big data" query usage on Google since 2004.

Big data” query usage on Google since 2004. Source: Google Trends.


Am I missing something here? Is it just me or while everyone is getting drunk on big data tools, we’re forgetting the big picture. These tools are not the Holy Grail just yet. Let’s be realistic: whatever tool you use, whatever functionality it has, I am pretty sure it won’t tell you exactly what to optimize on your website and most certainly not how to optimize it.

Here is why.

Tools don’t make the web analyst

No matter the data analysis tool or software you use, in order to do a perform a kick-ass website analysis, you must :

Know your digital goals inside and out

By mastering your digital goals, you will be able to translate them into key performance indicators (KPIs) and concentrate on statistics that are meaningful for your organization. I once read in Avinash Kaushik’s blog: “Good analysts are great assassins. They are great at finding lame metrics and dimensions and assassinating them.” This quote represents, to me, one of the most important ideas about web analytics.

At the end, web analytics is all about finding the right metrics and making ‘em talk in a meaningful way to your business. Continue reading »

Antoine, aka. Tony, has been in the field of digital ecommerce and marketing for the past ten years. Ranging from marketing analyst in a large corporation, to web marketing specialist in a small agency, to independent consultant for small and large business alike, he’s been involved in the ins and outs of inbound marketing, analytics, SEO and SEM for years. Currently Chief Operating Officer at DashThis, Tony has his hands in everything… but he’s still a marketer at heart.

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