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Smart AdServer is an all-in-one integrated tool which enables you to manage all your ads across different platforms… pretty much exactly what DashThis does for your reporting! Create Smart AdServer reports to track not only your Smart AdServer data, but also all your other digital marketing data that you need to measure.

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Available Preset Widgets

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

This historic widget shows the percentage of how often people go to your website because they saw your ad. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions, and multiplying the result by 100.

ctr smart adserver reports


This historic widget shows the total amount spent on your ad, which includes the cost of your clicks and impressions.

cost smart adserver reports


This historic widget shows the total number of times that your ad was shown to your target audience.

impressions smart adserver reports

Top Campaigns (Clicks)

This list widget shows your ad campaigns in order of total number of clicks.

campaigns by clicks smart adserver reports

Available Metrics,
Segments, & Dimensions

These are the top 4 metrics and dimensions users usually include in their Smart AdServer reports

Ad Clicks
This is the number of clicks on your ad.
Ad Cost
This is the amount you spent on clicks and impressions for your ad.
Ad Impressions
This is the total number of times people saw your ad.
This dimension allows you to isolate your data according to specific campaigns.

The final product

Smart AdServer Report Smart AdServer Reports & Dashboards - DashThis Integrations

Your logo

Whether your own or your client’s logo, make your report reflect your brand!


Drag-and-drop your widgets onto your report to create a clean layout that includes all the information you need.

Your data

Customize your widgets to show the data you want, the way you want to.

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Other useful integrations

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