What is the dimension “Ad Placement” in Facebook Ads?



Facebook Ads gives access to a dimension named “Ad Placement”. However, the results obtained from this dimension can be confusing.




Ad Placement refers to where the ad was served/displayed on Facebook, such as on the News Feed on a mobile device or on the right-side of Facebook on a desktop computer. The possible values, with their corresponding plain-English definitions, are:


  • desktop_feed: News Feed on Desktop Computers
  • mobile_feed: News Feed on Mobile Devices
  • sponsored_result: Sponsored Search Results
  • mobile_external_only: External Ads on Mobile Devices
  • non_feed: Right Column Ads on Desktop Computers
  • right_hand: Right Column Ads on Home Page for Desktop Computers
  • logout: Logged Out Home Page
  • instagramstream: On a linked Instagram Stream
  • unknown: Unknown Placement