How to add an agency markup to Adwords/Bing cost?


One of the most frequent needs of our clients, many of whom are Web agencies doing a lot of Paid Search Marketing in Adwords and Bing, is to add a markup on Adwords / Bing cost widgets. Obviously, this is so that agencies can report the real cost the client pays, not the price Adwords charges.

For example, let’s say an online marketing agency charges a 15% markup to create and manage its clients’ online ad campaigns. An Adwords campaign that cost 1000$ would be billed 1150$ to the client when the markup is included.

We, therefore, have some widgets that include a standard 15% markup. Those are:

  • Cost Per Click + 15% markup
  • Cost Per Lead + 15% markup
  • Cost + 15% markup

It’s also possible to get your own widgets with your own markup using the markup feature when editing a cost widget! It could be 35%, 5% or even a flat fee like 200$ or 1000$.