What are the AdSense KPIs and metrics?



Yes, there are! As soon as Google Analytics released their AdSense integration in the Google Analytics Core Reporting API, we updated our Google Analytics integration to include some AdSense Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Creating your KPI report has never been so easy!


These are the available AdSense metrics:

  • • AdSense Impressions
  • • AdSense CTR
  • • Adsense Page Impressions
  • • AdSense eCPM
  • • AdSense Ad Units Viewed
  • • AdSense Revenue
  • • AdSense Ads Clicked


Plus, we created these standard widgets available from the Preset Widgets list:

  • • AdSense Revenue
  • • AdSense Revenue Per Visit
  • • AdSense CTR


You can easily add these widgets to your Google Analytics KPI dashboard from the KPIs drop-down menu.


Please note that you have to link your AdSense account into Google Analytics. Click here to learn more.