How to create an Adwords dashboard using data filtered by label?

Since Adwords has Label support, we can filter data by the labels you create in your Adwords account. This can apply either at the campaign, ad group, and keyword level.

In the custom widgets, you can create a widget that will filter data by one or multiple label(s) in your account.


filters adwords


Understanding labels
The diagram below illustrates how you can use labels to gauge the performance of custom categories across your account.

In this hypothetical example, you’ve applied two labels, “Favorite” and “Brand”, to different elements in your account. It’s important to remember that labels aren’t passed down through the campaign; this means that if you apply a label to a campaign, the label only applies to that campaign, not the ad groups or keywords that are within that campaign. If you want a label to apply to an ad group or individual keyword as well, you’ll need to specifically apply the label to each of them.


Labels applied at different account levels


There are four kinds of label-filtered reports you can create, one for each element-type: campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. They’re located in the Dimensions tab in the “labels” view.