How to create a dashboard using Google+?



Note: This page is for informational purposes only. As of March 7, 2019, the Google+ API has been shutdown and is no longer accessible. For more details, please see Google’s announcement here.

Google+ (Plus) is the social network and identity service operated by Google. Since they opened their network to business pages, many marketers have hopped on the bandwagon. As such, we’ve also integrated the Google+ API to help you track your social performance!

1 – Connect your account


1.1 – Add the integration


Connecting Google+ to DashThis requires 2 quick steps.

– In the Integration Manager, choose Google+ and click on Add.




You’re then redirected to Google+. Sign in as usual.

The integration is now added to your DashThis account!


1.2 – Add the source


Now that DashThis has access to your data, you have to add your sources manually.

– Under the section Integration in use in the Integration manager, find Google+.

– Click on the pencil icon located next to your account.




– You land on a page asking for your client’s information:


Give your source a name: It can be anything you want. This name will be how your client will be designated in our tool.


Provider Key: It’s your Account ID.

To find it, sign in in your Google+ account, and go under the section Profile. The account ID is in the URL.

Have a look:




– Enter this number in the box Provider Key in DashThis, and click on Add Client.


2 – KPIs, metrics, and dimensions


We created the following standard KPIs available from the Preset Widgets drop down menu:

  • • Engagement Rate (Interactions / Followers)
  • • Followers count
  • • Number of +1
  • • Number of replies
  • • Number of reshares
  • • Total social Interactions


The available metrics are:

  • • Number of replies
  • • Engagement Rate (Interactions / Users)
  • • Followers Count
  • • Number of +1
  • • Number of reshares
  • Total number of social Interactions


There are no Google+ dimensions available at this time, only metrics.


3 – Historic


There’s no historical data in the API at this time, only current data. However, we keep an internal history, so you can still see the evolution of your numbers over time.


Our support team is always there for you if you have any questions!

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