How to create a KPI to get Twitter impressions for a hashtag?





It would be great to get a KPI on how many social impressions a hashtag has produced on Twitter, wouldn’t it?

While this is not a native metric in Twitter, there’s a way to calculate this. We can simply use the number of tweets using a hashtag and multiply it by the number of followers.


Number of tweets using a hashtag X number of followers = Number of Twitter impressions


Thus, if I tweet the hashtag #dashthis and I have 10 followers, the number of impressions would be 10.

Another example: if two people tweet #dashthis and they respectively have 100 and 500 followers then the number of Twitter impressions would be 600.

Of course, this is the maximum theoretical number or impressions when every follower has seen the hashtag in question. This might not be the case every time. However, this gives a great indication of the potential reach of a hashtag.


How can you create a KPI to get Twitter impressions for a hashtag?


Using the custom widget, you’ll find a new metric called “Twitter Impressions”. Please note that it can only be used with a hashtag filter.