How to create a KPI to get Twitter impressions for a hashtag?





It would be great to get a KPI on how many social impressions a hashtag has produced on Twitter, wouldn’t it?

While this is not a native metric in Twitter, it’s a filter that we’ve created directly in DashThis!


The following Twitter metrics can be used with the # hashtag filter if you’d like:

  • – Followers Count, Mentions Count, Retweet Count, Listed Count, and Follower Engagement Rate.


On the other hand, the following Twitter metrics must be used with the # hashtag filter:

  • – Tweets, Users, and Twitter Impressions.


Sometimes, these metrics can be accompanied by either the “Post” or “User” dimension, before applying your # hashtag filter.

To get the full details on all our available Twitter preset widgets, metrics, and dimensions, take a look at our article here.