How do I create a dashboard report with Facebook Business Manager?




There are 4 steps to connect your Facebook Business Manager account into DashThis.

Step 1 – Getting ready

Step 2 – Connect the integration 

Step 3 – Find the Ad Account ID

Step 4 – Access the data in your dashboard




Step 1 – Getting ready


Facebook Business Manager does not have its own API, it’s the same API as Facebook Ads.

This is why you need to connect your Facebook Business Manager account through Facebook Ads.

Also, once you’ve connected the source into DashThis, the logo that appears under Integrations in use is that of Facebook Ads, and not of Facebook Business Manager. It’s normal and all good.




Step 2 – Connect the integration


To connect your Facebook Business Manager account, you need to go through Facebook Ads.

Once in your DashThis account, go under the Integrations section, and click to add Facebook Ads. You’ll be redirected to connect your personal account.


FBBusinessManager - Step2




Step 3 – Find the Ad Account ID


You now need to provide the Ad Account ID to the system so DashThis can access your data.

We’ve created a video that shows the four steps described below so you can find your Ad Account ID.



1- Go into your Business Manager and find the account you’d like to connect. In the Business Manager menu, located at the top left-hand corner of the screen,  and then choose All Tools, in the bottom of the menu, which will open another menu.


2- Under the section Settings, click on Business Manager – Settings.


3- At the left-hand side of the screen, click on Ad Accounts, and choose the account you want to add to DashThis.


4- Under the name, you’ll find the Ad Account ID. This is the piece of information you need so DashThis can access your data and display it in your dashboard.

*Please note that Page ID or Business ID will not work*



Step 4 – Access the data in your dashboard


Go back in DashThis, enter the “Ad account Id” by clicking on “Edit Sources”




Add or delete facebook ads account




Bingo Voilà! You can now create a dashboard and get data from this account!


Happy reporting with Facebook Business Manager!


Should you have any other questions, simply email us back at and we’ll be happy to help out!