How to create a report using Google Search Console?

With Google Search Console, Google offers a really great API to access their search analytics. Thanks to DashThis’ complete set of metrics, dimensions, filters and filtering operators like “contains,” “does not contain,” “equals” and “does not equal”, you can easily create awesome Google Search Console reports and dashboards.


The following default widgets are available from the Preset Widget drop-down menu:

  • • Avg. CTR (Pages)
  • • Avg. CTR (Site)
  • • Avg. Position (Pages)
  • • Avg. Position (Site)
  • • Top Clicks (Countries)
  • • Top Clicks (Devices)
  • • Top Clicks (Pages)
  • • Top Clicks (Queries)
  • • Top Impressions (Countries)
  • • Top Impressions (Devices)
  • • Top Impressions (Pages)
  • • Top Impressions (Queries)
  • • Total Clicks (Pages)
  • • Total Clicks (Site)
  • • Total Impressions (Pages)
  • • Total Impressions (Site)


The available metrics and dimensions are:



  • • Clicks
  • • Impressions
  • • Average Position
  • Average CTR



  • • Query
  • • Page
  • • Country
  • • Device Type


Some notes to help you connect your Google Search Console account to DashThis:

  • • Due to Google Search Console’s API limitations, new widgets can only show up to 16 months of historical data. However, we store data as soon as a new widget is created, so we’ll be able to display historical data as far back as when the widget was first created in DashThis, even if this goes back further than 16 months.


  • • Please note that there can be up to 3 days of latency in Google Search Console’s data, due to possible lags between when the numbers are calculated by Google and when they are visible to webmasters. To address this issue, we refresh completed periods for up to 4 days after the period ended.