How to work around the Adwords conversion lag?





One thing that is a real pain in the neck with Adwords is the way a conversion is tracked. In fact, the conversion isn’t tracked the day it happened, but rather it’s attached to the Ad click, even if it happened days before. Thus, if you click an ad on July 12, but convert 20 days later, the conversion date will still be July 12. When reporting on conversions it might be a problem, since getting conversions is what you were hired for, isn’t it?

So, you hand over your monthly report to your client on the 5th of each month, but some conversions are recorded after that. That’s not good, and it’s a problem and you need a fix.


Here’s one: Use the Rolling view instead of the Periodic view.


The rolling view is an ongoing portrait of your performance. Depending on the chosen time range, it shows the last 7 days, the last 30 days, the last 90 days, etc.

Since it’s ongoing, you won’t lose a conversion and it will finally appear in your report. Maybe not in the “7 days” when the click happened, but most likely in the “last 30 days” portion of the report.

That’s the way Adwords works, so we should get used to it! The Rolling view is your new friend when it comes to reporting on Adwords conversions.


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