How do I deal with expired sources (integration)?

DashThis deals with many integrations and data sources. In order to request access to these sources, we need to be authorized in some way, by their respective APIs (application program interfaces).

In some cases, this is how it works : a source is added to a DashThis account. The integration information for the source is then used by DashThis : DashThis calls the source’s API, the API grants access through a token.

In all subsequent calls to the same API, the token is checked, and access is granted when verified. This is for security reasons, and to limit the number of calls to verified users.

In all cases, though, the token lifetime is not unlimited. When the token expires, a new call to the API is required, with the integration login information. When this is the case, data from this source will not be retrieved by DashThis, as long as the source is not renewed.

When a source is expired, this will be displayed in the Integrations section, and for some of the sources, an email will be dispatched to inform you of this expiration:






Depending on the source, an action could be needed to renew the source :

Google Analytics / Google AdWords : no action is required, the token will be renewed when DashThis does its daily import

Facebook / Facebook Ads / LinkedIn : click on « Renew » to re-enter the corresponding login information.





Any other source : re-adding the source, along with the necessary credentials, will usually correct the problem and renew the token.