How to use Google Analytics Non-Branded keywords filtering?



Google Analytics Non-Branded keywords filtering is among the top used filters in DashThis. We already covered the subject here. However, sometimes the filter exceeds the Google Analytics API limit of 128 characters.

I think the problem is mostly because filtering using regular expression is complex and, most of the time, the analyst isn’t an expert in the field. Rest assured though, it’s common among web analysts!

The problem we usually observe is that users repeat words, such as you can see in this example:

ga:keyword!~(DashThis|Dash This|

Do you see there are three occurrence of “dash” in this? That’s where you can save space!

Let’s recreate the filter without repetition:


But wait, in DashThis’s case, this would filter the keyword “dashboard” as well, which is a non-branded keyword that we want to see in the report.

Let’s fine tune it this way:

ga:keyword!~(Dash |this) -> Notice the space after Dash!

That’s it. We now have a fully working non-branded filter for Google Analytics.



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