What is the difference between Landing Page Path and Destination URL?



One common misunderstanding we see from our users when creating dashboards is that they create a KPI using the Google Analytics dimension Landing Page Path to track Adwords performance.


This might sound reasonable. Indeed, Landing Page Path would be a good pick if we wanted to track where the visitor coming from a PPC ad has landed.


Of course, you can work your way out using Landing Page Path. But Google created a dimension that contains the page where the visitor landed: Destination URL.


While they are both similar, the main difference between the two is that Destination URL is an absolute URL, including the http://, while landing page path will be relative. You can also get different URLs depending on how the visit was recorded.


Bottom line for landing page tracking:

For Adwords, we suggest Destination URL.

For everything else, we suggest Landing Page Path.


For more details, please see our more comprehensive Landing Page Path vs. Destination URL article here!