How to add a markup on metrics?

You can now add a custom markup to any cost-related widget (such as Ad Cost, Cost per Conversion, etc.).


  1. To do this, first, go into your dashboard’s Edit mode
  2. Then, click on “Edit widget”
  3. Click on the “Markup” option, which you’ll find in the right-side menu
  4. When you click on the “Markup” option, the markup box will appear in the middle of the window if (and only if) your selected widget is compatible with the markup option.*
  5. If no window appears (and you see an incompatibility message), you may need to save your work. Click on the widget’s “Save and Continue”, click on your dashboard’s “Save” and then try re-editing the widget on which you’d like to add a markup
  6. When adding your markup, you will have the choice of either a percentage of the total cost, or an absolute value.
  7. Enter the value of the markup you wish to add (be it a percentage or an absolute value)
  8. Click on Save and Continue.




*Compatible widgets are those with metrics associated with costs (e.g., Ad Cost).



You’re done!


*Important: The “Mark Up” is always applied at the “Ad cost” level, not at the result level.

So Markup of 15$ over 100$ of Adcost = 115$

CPC= Cost per click. CPC with mark up is (Cost + mark up) / clicks

It is same for “Cost per converted click” or “Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)