How to create an Instagram Ads dashboard report?


You can now create an Instagram Ads dashboard with DashThis!

Instagram, as a visual platform, is perfectly suited to displaying ads. Instagram Ads has always been available in DashThis through the Facebook Ads interface and API.

However, in order to simplify your use of Instagram Ads in your reports, we’ve added its native integration. This means that you’ll now be able to obtain your Instagram Ads data without going through your Facebook Ads integration – you’ll find Instagram Ads as its own entity in your Integration Manager.

In terms of KPIs, metrics and dimensions, what is available for Facebook Ads is also possible for Instagram Ads (since Instagram is simply another placement option for advertisers using the Facebook Ads platform).

The following standard KPIs are available from the preset widgets drop-down menu:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  • Cost
  • Reach
  • Top Campaigns (Clicks)

The available metrics and dimensions are:


  • Actions
  • Action Conversion Value
  • Ad Cost
  • Ad Impressions
  • All Clicks
  • All Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Call To Action Clicks
  • Click-Through-Rate (All Clicks)
  • Cost Per 1000 People Reached
  • Cost Per Action
  • Cost Per Inline Link Click
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  • Cost Per Unique Action
  • Frequency
  • Inline Link Clicks
  • Reach
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Unique Actions
  • Unique Clicks
  • Unique Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Unique Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Unique Impressions
  • Video 10 sec Watched
  • Video Percentage Watched


  • Action Type (for Action-related metrics)
  • Ad ID
  • Ad Name
  • Ad Set
  • Campaign


Note: If you prefer, you can still access your Instagram Ads data in combination with your Facebook Ads data as you did before.