How to filter on specific Google Analytics goals?



You want to track your client’s conversions in Google Analytics, so you create a bunch of goals for your client. However, the data is a bit messy because your client also created goals a while ago.

There must be a way to create a filter to only get the goals you need, right?

Sadly, no, there is no way. You can’t filter on a goal like you would do for a set of web pages, such as:


The way to get only the right data for the goals you create, is to select the right goal metrics. For example, if you use the goal slots 4 and 5, then you would use the metrics Goal 4 Completions and Goal 5 Completions.

But what about having the sum of goal 4 and 5 in the same widget?

There’s a solution for this:

Create a new Google Analytics view for your client, in which you set up only your own goals. This way, the metric Goal Completions Total will display the total of your conversions. The goals set up by your client in another view won’t affect the result.

Note that our upcoming changes will allow users to choose several metrics and display them in a single widget. This will allow a user to select specific goals even if his/her client has set up other goals in that view.