How to filter your Google search results with Google Search Console (GSC) ?



You can now filter your Google search result with the Custom Widgets menu and Google Search Console. Here’s how it works:


The available metrics and dimensions are:

• Click
• Impression
• Avg. Position
• Avg. CTR

• Country
• Device type
• Queries
• Pages



You can now also filter your results easily by segmenting your search type into one of three categories:
Web search results
Image search results
Video search results

You can filter by any dimension listed here, even if you are not grouping by that dimension:
Filter against the specified country, as specified by 3-letter country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
Filter results against the specified device type. Supported values: DESKTOP,MOBILE,TABLET
Filter against the specified URI string
Filter against the specified query string

Your specified value must match (or not match) one of the following dimension values:
Value must either contain or equal your expression (non-case-sensitive)
Your expression must exactly equal the row value (case-sensitive for page and query dimensions)
Value must not contain your expression either as a substring or a (non-case-sensitive) complete match



Your search criteria.