I need a “NEW” data source: how does DashThis integrate a new data source?

One of DashThis’s strength is the ability to easily integrate several data sources. However, given the number of existing data sources available around the world, it’s impossible to integrate them all. We have to choose carefully because once it’s integrated, there’s still a lot of work, such as maintenance, support as well as making sure it’s available and accurate 100% of the time.


First step: The CSV!

If we do not offer a specific integration, using a CSV file is the way to go! Most tools allow data exportation, so you can upload the file to your device, and add the data to your dashboard! Follow these 6 steps, and add pretty much any data to your dashboard!


Not familiar with CSV files? Learn what it is exactly.


If CSV files don’t meet your needs, you can contact us to request the integration of a new data source.


What’s good to know before requesting a new data source

Data sources are not created equal. Some are powerful and easy to integrate, like Google Analytics. Others are simply a mess to work with. We obviously prefer the former rather than the latter!

Also, some are no-brainers to integrate into DashThis, such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Bing and Facebook because everyone uses them. Others are more marginal, used by just a handful of clients. We have to weigh the cost and benefits, for our clients and for us, of integrating a new data source. The more it benefits the majority of our clients, the more likely it will be integrated.


How much does it cost?

The short answer is “it depends“; it depends on how quickly you want it live, how much work we have to do to integrate it, on how many times this data source has been requested. Sometimes it comes at no charge, sometimes we agree on a win-win deal with a client who will cover some of the development costs. Typically, a small portion of our cost is charged to the client, usually a few thousand dollars.


How do you submit a request for a new data source integration?

That’s the easy part. Simply send an email to info@dashthis.com along with the source, the required data (metrics and dimensions) and a brief typical use case for this data. We’ll add your request to our wish list and get in touch for further information as well as the next steps, if any.