What are some lead generation KPI examples?

Tracking performance of lead generation is really important to any business. However, it’s often hard to define relevant lead generation KPIs. Here are few examples that might help you in your KPI reporting:

• New account signups: How many visitors signed up for the trial?

• Goal abandonment rate: What proportion of visits that started a goal finally abandon?

• Search traffic: Visits from specific terms, excluding the brand name.

• Visit stickiness: How many pages does a visitor see during a visit?

• Returning visitors signups: How many visits does it take before someone signs up?

• Get quote requests: Any contact form that is filled and sent is part of a good KPI.


How do you build a dashboard to track your leads generation with DashThis?


First, you register with DashThis and create your first dashboard by choosing a template like our “Lead generation“ one. You can also personalize the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to your organization’s needs.