How do I send CSV files by email automatically?

So, you’re stuck because no reporting API integration is possible and you don’t want to manually upload your CSV file each time you need to? That brings us to plan B, which is to use DashThis’s CSV files manager feature and send your file by email automatically with Outlook.


How do you integrate your CSV Report in DashThis?


Step 1: Create the required CSV file

First off, you must create a CSV file from your source. Each source is unique but there’s a good change it will let you download a CSV file.


Step 2: Create the CSV file template in DashThis

Then, create a CSV file template for this report as explained here.


Step 3: Make the process automatic

Finally, to get this fully automated, schedule a creation of this report periodically and have this sent to the email you find just next to the upload button.




This process can be even simpler if you are using MS Outlook, because it can be automated and lets you send file updates automatically. Here’s more info how to do it.

That’s it, the data in your dashboards and reports will be updated automatically.