What is the “Number of organic landing pages” KPI?

number of organic landing pages


In order to work around the “(not provided)” organic keyword issue from Google, we created a specific SEO widget template: Number of Organic Landing Pages. It’s easy to add to any Google Analytics dashboard: Preset Widgets > SEO > Click on “Number of Organic Landing Pages”.


What does Number of Organic Landing Pages mean?

To be clear, this is the total number of different landing pages visited by users coming from organic search. This widget uses the Google Analytics standard Non-Paid Search advanced segment.

Be sure not to confuse it with the number total of pageviews from organic search. For example, let’s say you have these landing pages:

/index.html (1000 pageviews)
/products.html (500 pageviews)
/products/used-cars.html (100 pageviews)

The total pageviews would be 1600, but the total number of landing pages from organic search would be 3.


What is it’s purpose from a SEO point of view?


Well, the more landing pages from organic you have, the more your content is high-performing, and the more traffic you can bring in.

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