How to share a dashboard?

You’ve created the perfect dashboard for yours clients or your boss – and it looks great! It’s now time to show your results by sharing the report. There are three ways to do this:



Watch this short video to learn how to share your dashboard:


1 – Automatic email dispatch


In order to reduce the number of tasks you have to think of every day, you can set an automatic email dispatch. Your report will be sent on the day you want, with the frequency you choose, to whomever you want. So awesome!


To schedule the auto send, open your dashboard and click on the share icon located in the top-right corner. You can then select the “share by email” option.

How to schedule an automatic report dispatch by email dashthis

The following panel will appear:




The recipient(s) will receive your dashboard’s URL link. You can also include a personalized message to your email, and even an attached PDF file of the entire report. Set a frequency at which the recipients will receive the report, and you’re done!

You can always go back and change the settings in the Email Sharing section if you want to.



2 – Export as PDF


At any moment, you can decide to export your dashboard as a PDF file to save it on your device.


To download the PDF file, simply click the Export as PDF option in the Sharing Options menu.

**Please note that this export can last a couple of seconds until the PDF will be available to save among your files.



3 – Copy URL link


You can copy the URL link for a dashboard as well as for an entire group.


In the dashboard manager, find the dashboard or the group of dashboards you want to share. Click the icon next to the dashboard or group name and choose the option Copy URL link. The dashboard or group URL link will be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste it and send it to the people you want to.

You can also find this same option under the Sharing Options menu inside your dashboard.


copy url


When your clients will access your dashboard through the URL link, they will access an incognito view mode in which all DashThis edit functions are removed.

Incognito mode


The standard dashboard or group URL link contains the domain. If you want, you can have your own URL, we offer a customized white label solution, so your dashboards URL can be branded to your company: Our website contains all the info you need on our white label solution!



Let the world see your awesome dashboard!


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