How to get history from social media sources?

Among all the different sources available in DashThis, social media networks are very popular; Facebook Insights and Ads, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn metrics are widely used to monitor our users’ clients’ social impact.

One of the most unfortunate truths about social media networks and their APIs: data history is very unreliable. For certain metrics, it is readily available. For other metrics, there are only a couple months of history available or none at all!

–> Note: By default, DashThis will import 13 months of history whenever you create a dashboard for the first time.


So, what is the actual picture?


– Social Networks History –

Facebook: complete history for all metrics

Twitter: some metrics have a history, others don’t (metrics WITH history: Follower Engagement, Retweets, Mentions (3-month history))

LinkedIn: all metrics EXCEPT Followers (we keep the history*)

Instagram: all metrics EXCEPT Followers (we keep the history*)

Youtube: complete history for all metrics


* When you create a widget with the Twitter Followers metric (for example), we import the number at present time, but we do not have access to the past. We build the history (store the numbers on our side) as time goes by, for a given widget.


What this means in layman’s terms?

Basically, for a metric without history, we store it on our side. However, we do this on a widget-level: if you delete the widget, then rebuild it right after, your history is lost.


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