Why is Google Analytics API Adwords data returning zero (0)?

  Are you wondering what’s wrong with your KPI? Why isn’t it showing the Adwords Cost or CPC as it should be? Especially since you see data in Google Analytics? Did you create the KPI using the Google Analytics Paid Search Segment? That’s why. The problem occurs with every metric: Cost, Clicks, Impressions, CPC, CPM, ROI, Margin, etc. Unfortunately, there…

How to filter by gender and remove the “Others” value?

Are you getting an ‘Others‘ option when using a Gender-filtered “all visits” widget that you want to remove? You can fix this! Just use this filter syntax: ga:userGender!~others   This will remove all others value. But keep in mind that the % will not be based on all visits but only on available metrics.  

What is the dimension “Placement” in Facebook Ads?

  Facebook Ads gives access to a dimension named “Placement”. However, the results obtained from this dimension can be confusing.       “Placement” refers to where the ad was served/displayed on Facebook, such as on the News Feed on a mobile device or on the right-side of Facebook on a desktop computer.