How do I use the gauge widget?

Sometimes, agencies tell us that they want to create a great looking report (with DashThis, that’s easy!) but most importantly, a report that their client will love and can’t wait to see every month.

Our first suggestion is to make sure you don’t overload the dashboard with too much data. Trust us, you will drown the client if you do so! Make sure you put only what the client likes. Don’t put the data that YOU, the analyst, like.

Our second suggestion is to set a goal to achieve. The gauge is the best widget to track goals.


How the gauge widget works:


When you create a gauge widget, DashThis will show you the result of the metric for the time period you are looking at.

Ex: For the period of July, Goal 1 was achieved 536 times




The color coding of the widget will depend on the metric being displayed.

For example, a high number of Impressions is desirable. In this case, the widget will look like the one above (red at the beginning, green at the end).

*In another case, a low number of Cost per Conversion is desirable. The color coding of the widget will then be inverted (green at the beginning, red at the end):




How are the default thresholds calculated?




When the widget is created, default thresholds are shown in your widget.

To calculate them, we make the sum of the last 12 completed periods that appear in the historic of the dashboard. We divide this sum by 12. This result will be the Mid-High threshold (effectively the average of the last 12 completed periods).

The Maximum goal is the Mid-High x 2

The Mid-Low goal is the Mid-High /2

So in this example results are:

July 499

August 523

September 531

October 545

November 450

December 545

January 555

February 577

March 615

April 570

Mai 557

June 536

Sum: 6506

Average: 6506 /12 = 542.16

Mid-High threshold= 542

The Maximum goal is the 542 x 2 =1084

The Mid-Low threshold is the 542 /2 = 271


Changing the thresholds




You can set the Goals you want to achieve with your client for that specific Metric:




* Once you’ve modified the goals, it will be applied to the default period (last completed period) plus the current period only.