How to segment by Action in Facebook Ads?


Since the launch of our Facebook Ads integration, we received lots of great comments. One important thing was missing though: the possibility to better segment by Actions your Facebook Ads dashboard.

Thus, we added a better support of Facebook Ads Actions. You can now filter by action type (like, comment, offline conversion, etc) and create a widget using the action type dimension.

To avoid confusion, Facebook Ads actions are events related to Ads. They may include link clicks, video views, check-ins, app installs, etc. They also include conversions, in some cases.

This page by Facebook can be very useful to learn more: Facebook Actions definitions

Note that filtering by action type or using the action type dimension requires you use any of the action-related metric (see below).

Metrics related to actions are:

  • • Actions
  • • Cost per Action
  • • Cost per Unique Action
  • • Unique Actions


The available dimension is:

  • • Action Type


You can also include a special filter regarding the Action attribution window:

action attribution window