How to segment by Action in Facebook Ads?


It was previously possible to segment by Action type in our Facebook Ads integration, filtering by action type (like, comment, offline conversion, etc) and create a widget using the action type dimension.

These Action type metrics were considerably misleading, however, because they combined various events with no precise correlation. For example, choosing the “Actions” metric would display a result that combined number of comments, landing page views, likes, link clicks, conversion, page engagement, and many other dimensions.

Due to this inherent confusion, Facebook has recently decided to deprecate these metrics permanently.

These metrics are still available in DashThis though. The only difference is that you must now choose either the “Action Type” dimension, and/or an element from the “Specific Action Types” drop-down menu whenever you select the following metrics.

You can no longer have a sum of all of these elements in one single widget; you must create separate widgets for each action type.


The available metrics related to actions are:

  • • Actions
  • • Cost per Action
  • • Cost per Unique Action
  • • Unique Actions


The available dimension is:

  • • Action Type


The available metrics related to actions are:

  • • Comment
  • • Landing_page_view
  • • Leadgen.other
  • • Like
  • • Link_click
  • • Offsite_conversion
  • • Offsite_conversion.custom
  • • Offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_to_cart
  • • Offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_custom
  • • Offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_purchase
  • • Offsite_conversion.messaging_first_reply
  • • Offsite_conversion.messaging_open_thread
  • • Offsite_conversion.messaging_reply
  • • Page_engagement
  • • Photo_view
  • • Post
  • • Post_engagement
  • • Post_reaction


You can also include a special filter regarding the Action attribution window:

action attribution window