Why is there a limit of 50 widgets per dashboard?

Simple question, simple answer: dashboard performance. Too many widgets can often make a dashboard confusing for your audience – and the whole point of a great dashboard is to make things simple!

However, if you need to, you can bypass the 50 widgets limit per dashboard. To do so, you have 2 choices: either ask us to manually remove this limit (which, of course, we’ll do for you!). Or, if you want to make things easier for you, but still simple for your audience, just group your dashboards!


One underused great feature of DashThis is the report grouping. Though at first it may seem like you don’t really need this feature, once you see how it works, you’ll see that if can change a lot of things for the better!

First, the Why.

Naturally, we are used to putting information vertically. That means we tend to put as many KPIs as we can in a report. While it makes sense for the analyst, for the reader, too much information can be difficult to understand. Heavy reports with lots of KPIs are scary!

On the other hand, if we split a long report into smaller, separate reports and display them horizontally, it can be an easier way to read (and understand) the information.

Second, the How.

Well, it couldn’t be simpler. You select any dashboard on the left side of your dashboard homepage. Then you drag them to the top box on the right side where it’s written “Drag dashboards here to to create a new group”.

Once dropped, a group is created and you will get a new URL. This is the URL you use to access the entire group. You’ll also see the new navigation menu at the top.


It’s as simple as that. Now you can create smaller, easier to digest reports, yet still be able to get the all the information you want quickly by switching between reports.