How do I add a password to a dashboard?

Over time, many of you have asked to improve the security access to your dashboards once they were created. Good news! You now have the chance to put a password on your dashboards if you want to:

Who: The admin user can configure a password on a dashboard by clicking the lock icon next to the URL link of the dashboard.

How: Just click on the lock icon next to the title of your dashboard. The lock will turn blue when the password is activated. To modify your password, simply write over the previous one and click Save. If you want to cancel the password, simply erase it and click Save.




*The password will not be required if you open a dashboard when you are connected to your DashThis admin account on your computer.


When: When the person receives the link of a protected dashboard, he or she will need to enter the password to view it. A cookie will be installed on the computer after the password has been entered. The cookie is good for one hour. After that period, you will be asked to enter the password again.





Generate a new link:

Between the lock icon and your Dashboard URL link is a button. This button allows you to generate a new URL for your dashboard. This is another option if you don’t want to use the lock option. By pressing this button, all previous URL links to your dashboard will be useless.