How do I create a dashboard using the Youtube Analytics API?



Want your Youtube channel analytics data in a custom dashboard? No problem! Thanks to our Youtube Analytics API integration, there are plenty of possibilities for a comprehensive social media dashboard with Twitter and Facebook (which are also integrated in DashThis).

The following standard KPIs are available from the Preset Widgets drop down menu:

  • Comments Count
  • Dislikes
  • Estimated Minutes Watched
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Video Views
  • Youtube Subscribers

The available metrics and dimensions are:


  • Comments Count
  • Dislikes
  • Fans
  • Favorites Added*
  • Favorites Removed*
  • Likes
  • Retweet Count
  • Subscribers Gained
  • Subscribers Lost
  • Time On Site
  • Unique Visitors
  • Visits


  • Country
  • Insight Playback Location Type
  • Insight Traffic Source Type
  • Sharing Service
  • Video Title

If you are having trouble seeing the number of subscribers in your DashThis account, it may be due to a setting in your Youtube channel’s settings. In the Advanced Settings of your Youtube account, tick the “Display the number of people subscribed to my channel” box to make it work :)


* Starting June 30, 2016 YouTube API will no longer provided favoritesAdded and favoritesRemoved metrics.