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The 2019 Ewards

Attracting new clients is an art; establish your skills, exceptional talent, and creativity with the latest award celebrating excellence in digital marketing: the Ewards.

  • Digital Marketing Awards

    What are the Ewards?

    The Ewards are brand new digital marketing awards for marketers and agencies: a high recognition for marketers' creativity, expertise, and outstanding performance.

    Winners are announced. We thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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The 2019 Ewards categories

E-marketing is a vast and complex universe, and any digital agency can create marketing gems through various platforms and media, from SEO and PPC, to PR and social media. That's why it's important for the Ewards to cover a multitude of unique categories, this way, every agency and marketing team can compete in their areas of expertise. 

Boutique Digital Agency of the Year

For the small-to-medium sized agency that has demonstrated impressive growth and created noteworthy campaigns for their clients.

Enterprise Digital Agency of the Year

For the large, enterprise-level agency that has closed multiple new accounts and/or created world-wide campaigns for existing ones.

In-House Marketing Team of the Year

For the product or service brand with its own in-house marketing resources and has shown impressive innovation and reach in its marketing strategies.

Best Digital Agency Website

For the agency with the most creative, original, and effective website.

Best Digital Campaign: B2B

For the team who showed impressive results with a multi-channel digital campaign in the context of B2B.

Best Digital Campaign: B2C

For the team who showed impressive results with a multi-channel digital campaign in the context of B2C.

Best PPC Campaign

For the team with the most effective PPC campaign targeting, budget allocation, reach, and ROI.

Best SEO Campaign

For the team whose SEO campaign generated particularly exceptional results, either in visits or conversions.

Best Link-Building Strategy

For the team whose innovative link-building strategy demonstrated an important increase in quality links and referral traffic.

Best PR Campaign

For the team whose creative PR campaign generated impressive visibility and notoriety.

Best Social Media Strategy

For the team whose inventive social media strategy has resulted in dramatic increases in followers, engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Best Content Marketing Strategy

For the team whose content marketing tone, audience targeting, and distribution methods have demonstrated impressive results.

Best Email Marketing Campaign

For the team with the most effective email marketing campaign in terms of open rate, click rate, and overall conversion rate.

Best Video Content Strategy

For the team who demonstrates creativity and innovation in the use of video content in their overall digital strategy.

Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

For the team who most impressively utilized influencer marketing techniques.

Best Marketing Reporting Strategy

For the team that uses marketing reports as sales tools in gaining new clients and as a method to retain existing clients.

Marketing Project of the Year

For the team of students who used the most ingenious and avant-garde techniques in a university/college marketing project.

Student Association of the Year

Student Association of the Year for the marketing student association who showed exemplary growth, motivation, and determination in making their association shine across the campus.

Best Looking DashThis Dashboard

A little something extra just for DashThis clients! For the team who created the epitome of a beautiful dashboard, from KPI choice, to layout, to branding!

Ewards entry information

The Ewards are open to all digital marketing agencies, marketers, and marketing students from around the globe. Ewards registration will be open until September 27, 2019. There are no entry fees, and you can register to one or multiple categories.

Ewards entry form - e-marketing awards entry form

How it works

To participate, simply register to the categories of your choice. Please fill out a separate registration form for each category in which you wish to participate.

Rules & conditions

Each application will be carefully analyzed and judged according to the applicant’s creativity, return on investment (if applicable), innovation, and overall results. Winners will be selected based on uniqueness, relevance, and quality of work. All information provided by participants will remain confidential.

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