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Who we are

We're a phenomenal team of talented people who take our work very seriously, yet never take ourselves too seriously.

We are creative, open-minded and bold, each of us with our own brand of crazy. We constantly challenge each other to push further and look at things differently, all of which ensures that we put the very best of ourselves into achieving excellence in our work.

Above all, we exist for our clients: we don’t hand them anything we aren’t extremely proud of. All of us - from the founder through our UX/UI designers, developers, account managers, and marketing and content specialists - are dedicated to making our clients’ lives easier with the best reporting tool possible.

DashThis was created so that our users can work smarter, not harder. And because we practice what we preach, that’s what we do too: work smarter, so we can play more.

Of course, it helps that we love what we do.

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What we do

We help digital marketers and agencies everywhere by providing an awesome, easy-to-use and attractive dashboard tool so that marketers can stop wasting time gathering data, and instead do what they do best: make decisions based on that data.

Why we do it

As marketers and developers, each of us has known the tedious process of creating reports for our online marketing strategies. It was driving us all crazy. We looked for a simple and efficient reporting tool: that Holy Grail we couldn’t find.

And so, we decided to create it;
DashThis was born.

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