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Powerful, effortless marketing reports

Combine multiple sources into a single report, quickly visualize your KPIs in a way that makes sense to you, and share your results efficiently with your team and your clients. Here’s a tour of some key features that you’re going to want to use first!


Multi-source dashboards

With DashThis, everything you need is on the same page; there’s no need to waste your time jumping from one marketing channel to another to find all your data.

Organic search, paid ads, social media… your marketing strategies involve dozens of platforms that you have to juggle with. DashThis automatically gathers your data from all your tools so that you can compare and combine data from different sources into a single dashboard, enabling you to see the results of ALL your work, not just one piece at a time.

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Custom KPI widgets

How you share your data is almost as important as the data itself; having a wide variety of graphs and charts to choose from enables you to display your data in an easy-to-understand way. Maybe you want to see how your revenue has changed over the past year? Or maybe you want a breakdown of your website visitors by channel in a colourful pie chart. No matter what, the possibilities are endless!

Display your data in a custom widget
custom widget

Preset dashboard templates

Our preset dashboard templates enable you to effortlessly create dozens of reports in just minutes. No need to pick each KPI one-by-one! You can start with a template created by our in-house marketing specialists, and then customize it to your business or your clients’ needs, or use it as-is! SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, sales… we’ve got plenty for you to choose from!

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Create-your-own templates

You already know exactly what you want in your dashboard and how you want it? Great! Create your own template to reuse over and over again! Plus, you can create as many reusable templates as you need!

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Dashboard comment boxes

Incorporate comment boxes and notes wherever you want in your dashboards: next to a particular KPI so that you can explain what it means, or at the bottom of a specific section of your dashboard to communicate how a campaign is going. You can even put a comment box at the end of your entire dashboard as a kind of monthly wrap-up in which you feature insights that your clients should know!


Automated sharing options

Stop sending your reports manually to each of your clients every month, DashThis’ automated dispatch will do it for you.

With multiple report sharing options, your team and your clients will always have your results at their fingertips. Set up an automatic email dispatch, save a report as a PDF, or share your report’s password-protected URL; either way, DashThis takes care of the heavy lifting.

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