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White Label and Custom Options

Our Dashboards, Your Branding

Easily showcase your results in a report that reflects YOUR brand. Use one or all of our custom options, from having a white-label custom domain adding your logo, or a new custom theme. The possibilities are endless!

White Label Dashboards

Simply get rid of the Dashthis branding altogether!

Listen, even though we love our Dashthis colours, we totally understand if you wanted to use your own. Make the data pop with our different white-label options, play with different designs, change your report's logo and much more. 

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Our tool is built with user experience in mind, and we know your brand is important to you. This is why we want to provide you with easy-to-use white-label options that allow you to create awesome dashboards that represent your brand. 

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White label options

Mix and match these custom options to fit your needs and get a white label dashboard in seconds!

  • Use your domain name

    Included with 10+ dashboards plans!

    Make us disappear (no hard feelings). Get rid of any mentions of DashThis in your report and have your own white label custom domain! 

  • Show off your own logo

    Included with every plan!

    Add a personal, branded touch to your reports by easily adding your logo (or your client's logo) to all your dashboards!

  • Get inspired with our preset colour themes

    Included with every plan!

    You have access to 8+ beautiful colour themes, choose the one that fits your needs and add it to your dashboard in seconds. 

  • Fully customize your dashboards with our custom theme

    Included with 10+ dashboards plans!

    You can now fully customize your dashboard with your brand, your client’s brand, or even your favourite colour schemes!

  • Use your own custom email address

    Included with 10+ dashboards plans!

    Automated emails have your own custom email address as the sender instead of Dashthis's!

Customization features

Customize all your KPIs, headers, sections, drag and drop your widgets anywhere you see fit for a custom report that fits your needs.

Display your KPIs how you want!

Section your report by channel, goal, campaign, any way you like! You can even drag and drop any KPIs and resize your widgets!

See previews of your posts!

Because an image is worth a thousand words, some KPIs come with a preview of your ads or posts so that you can easily see your campaign's performance. 

Include comments and notes

You can add your insight directly in the report with our comment boxes or directly to the widgets with our nifty notes! You can even add images in your comment boxes very easily!

Try all these intuitive customization features in your own dashboard; they're included from the get-go!

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