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January 17th, 2018 — 11:10am

Building marketing reports with DashThis isn’t just about the time-saving aspect of it all (although it is one of the many awesome perks of our tool!), it’s also about the fun factor! Yes, you read right, marketing reports can be fun if done right.

And since sharing is caring, we put up a new Weekly Tip section, where you can find quick pieces of advice on how to make the most of your DashThis use, and thus see the fun factor reach skyrocketing new heights each week.

Without further ado, here comes the very first of a series of weekly tips.

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How to Create a Hotel Dashboard That’ll Make You Say Hallelujah

January 10th, 2018 — 5:35pm

hotel dashbaord


When running a hotel, knowing how to create a hotel dashboard is essential. Yet, as you were most likely able to figure out by now, this could be heaven or this could be hell. Which metrics are important to your hotel and which aren’t? What are the KPIs you should keep track of?

You already know it: running a hotel means dealing with a huge amount of data, and this can quickly become overwhelming. There’s so much to be aware of simultaneously and so many sources to collect your data from, it’s only a matter of time before your head grows heavy and your sight grows dim due to this exhaustive tracking process.

Panic no more, dear hotel manager, for I’m here to light up a candle and show you the way to a wise hotel dashboard creation process. Below you will find 9 of the most useful KPIs you should save a space for in your hotel dashboard.

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How to Create Kickass Hotel Reports [Spoiler Alert: Template Included]

December 20th, 2017 — 10:44am

Hotel reports


Let us not mince words, you’re looking to create kickass hotel reports, and that’s exactly what you’re gonna do after you read through this article.

You might be wondering how I can be so sure of that. Well, even though I’m only the new content writer here at DashThis, with a lot left to learn, one thing I do know is that Laury, who’s one of our account managers, is the kind of person you can trust with your soul, or at least your DashThis account, and she sure as hell knows what she’s talking about when it comes to hotel reports.

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