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We help you fast-forward through the cutting-and-pasting.

What we do

We help digital marketers and agencies from all around the world create awesomely beautiful automated marketing reports in the blink of an eye. No more fetching data manually from one platform to the other: we take care of it for you!

Why we do it

Here at DashThis, we’re all from the realm of marketing. That means we get you and know just how long and unappealing building reports can be. So we help you fast-forward this process to get you straight to the important part: acting on your data and growing your business.

Our crew

  • Antoine Paré Mailloux

    Antoine Paré


    Antoine has been helping businesses grow online for over a decade. Today, he’s making sure that DashThis’ operations are always in line with what our users need on a daily basis. He’s a family man who’s happiest hiking or travelling with his two kids.

  • Philippe Tremblay

    Philippe Tremblay

    Head of Product & Development

    Phil is our Gandalf… without the beard. An eternal student who’s always striving for perfection, his mission is to ensure that our team always works together as a cohesive unit to reach our goals.

  • Jean-Philippe Fortin-Cantin

    Jean-Philippe Cantin

    Head of Marketing

    JP creates his marketing strategies the same way he surfs: no holds barred. He’s always coming up with new ideas and running around to put those ideas into effect, so if you need him, he’s probably not at his desk.

  • Paul Dumas

    Paul Dumas

    Head of Customer Success

    The first Support Specialist there ever was at DashThis, Paul goes above and beyond for his clients with the same tenacity as in his former Ironman-days.

  • Anastasia Gileva

    Head of Sales

    Introducing Anastasia, our Head of Sales and a seasoned leader in B2B sales strategy. Beyond her passion for sales & tech, she enjoys savoring sashimi, globetrotting adventures, and cherishing her family and her adorable Pomeranian companion, Whisky.

  • Marie-Claude Veilleux

    Marie-Claude Veillette

    Product Specialist

    If you looked up “sweetheart” in the dictionary, you’d see M-C. Also, if it was feasible, she’d move to New Zealand tomorrow; but Québec still has her heart, and we, and her clients, love her for it.

  • Alaric LeBlanc

    Product Specialist

    Alaric went from a skateboard entrepreneur to a beer salesman and now joined our sales team, and we’re glad he did. A big fan of hockey, lagers, and bourbon, he’s always down for a board game night with friends or to watch his favorite movie: Robin Hood.

  • Anne-Maël Blanquet

    Product Specialist

    With a wealth of experience in B2B SaaS sales and digital marketing, Anne-Maël is true expert in our industry. Having lived in Spain and now residing in Canada with her beloved family, she loves traveling the world and experiencing new places.

  • Pascal Verret

    Support Specialist

    As a major sports fan and with 13 years of experience under his belt, Pascal is definitely a team player and we’re glad to have an experienced player like him on Dashthis’ team

  • Laurie-Anne Pion

    Support Specialist

    With a 911 dispatcher background, Laurie-Anne is the best person to put out small fires while staying extremely calm. Meticulous and always ready to help, she is a problem solver and a great team player. While not at work, she spends her time loving her 3 sausage dogs, hiking, and bungee jumping.

  • Pier-Olivier Tardif

    Support Specialist

    Meet Pier-Olivier, our client satisfaction champion! With unwavering rigor and a heart always open to lending a hand, he ensures our clients' needs are met. When he's not at work, you'll find him on epic road trips with his family, or cheering passionately for his favorite hockey team.

  • Caroline Gaulin

    Customer Success Specialist

    Never shying away from a backpacking adventure, Caroline loves to get out of her comfort zone. Our customer success manager helps to keep customers happy and maximize their investment. Happy customer, happy Caroline.

  • Élisabeth Dignard

    SEO Content Specialist

    Elisabeth would beat any of us in a tennis match, but she's so nice she doesn't even brag about it! She's a bubbly, fun, and positive girl who's passionate about SEO, content marketing, traveling, and her adorable Bengal cat Lily.

  • Ziyad Limam

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Between two dives into the depths of digital marketing, Ziyad finds time to feed his other passions of meditation, soccer and chess. He travels a lot too. At the top of his bucket list: discovering the beauties of Zanzibar and cheering on the Reds by singing the famous "You'll never walk alone" with 50,000 other delirious soccer fans in Liverpool!

  • Nicholas Leahy

    Product Owner

    Curiosity is certainly the DashThis value that our product owner embodies the most. A great autodidact, he is always up for a new culinary experience or a new tasting of beer or good wine, followed by an intensive board game session with friends.

  • Amélie Coté

    Amélie Côté

    Product Designer

    A rare unicorn that can draw and code her own designs, Amélie is one of those people who’s motivated by complicated things. If you aren’t sure that there’s a solution to a problem, step aside, because she’ll find it.

  • alexandr chebatko

    Alexandr Chebatko

    Software Developer

    Alexandr, our first employee hired via Skype while still in his home country of Kazakhstan, knows our code’s every nook and cranny like the back of his hand.

  • Olivier Brousseau

    Olivier Brousseau

    Software Developer

    The memory of an elephant and the skillset of a ninja, Olivier is a one-man-army. He’s the silent fixer-of-everything, and as the dad of three kids under-7, he’s used to staying calm under pressure.

  • Francis Lessard

    Francis Lessard

    Software Developer

    Francis is the one who makes sure our interface looks the way we want it to look. Master of Front-End, he speaks French, React, and GraphQL fluently.

  • Francis Moore

    Francis Moore

    Software Developer

    Francis planned an 18-month bike-trip from Eastern Canada to Patagonia from start to finish, so nailing back-end development projects from A-to-Z is no biggie.

  • Marie-Pier Lavoie

    Marie-Pier Pouliot-Lavoie

    Software Developer

    Possessor of the World’s Most Infectious Laugh, Marie-Pier is the very definition of joy. She’s also a kickass developer with strong creative penchant.

  • Olivier Rondeau

    Olivier Rondeau

    Software Developer

    Olivier has a permanent smile on his face. Whether it’s a weird line of code or a seemingly impossible game of D&D, he manages to find the positive in everything.

  • François Bilodeau

    Software Developer

    Whether on a piano keyboard or a computer one, François is a composer through and through. He could be composing music or writing code, but no matter what, his creativity is always at 100%.

  • David Arel

    Software Developer

    David’s thirst for knowledge is just like his love for cycling; unstoppable. He also happens to be a great, creative and versatile software developer. We're so glad to have him on board!

  • Jérôme Garon

    Software Developer

    Jérôme arrived with a ‘let’s get things done’ mentality and a head full of ideas for continuous improvement and automation of our processes. His human values and desire to create a real impact for our customer makes him and Dashthis a perfect match.

  • Victor Santos

    Software Developer

    What happens when you mix an ex tech startup founder, a video game enthusiast, a fan of watching sports, and a foodie that never shies away from a Brazilian BBQ with friends? You get Victor!

  • Jean-Denis Thiboutot

    Software Developer

    Jean-Denis has an impressive background in test automation, which fits perfectly with our quality and performance standards. He also embodies a value that is fundamental to us: curiosity, not only towards his practice, but also towards his colleagues across the company.

  • Samuel Poirier

    Software Developer

    With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Samuel takes pride in working for human-centric businesses, so it’s a match made in heaven between him and Dashthis. He is also a talented bassist and a horror cinema fanatic.

  • Michael Bouffard

    Software Developer

    A self-proclaimed über-geek, Michael is the type of developer who’s always on a mission to make any code he falls upon even better and cleaner. He’s also frustratingly lethal at laser tag.

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Employees of the decade!

Those 2 employees were voted by their peers as being the absolute best, either for their inspiring upbeat attitude, their great improvement through the years, or their amazing commitment. 

  • Inspiring Attitude: Marie-Pier Pouliot-Lavoie

    Marie-Pier is loved by all her colleagues for her upbeat attitude, problem-solving capabilities, and contagious laughter. She's as bubbly and fun as she is resourceful. She's always positive, funny, happy to help, and on top of it all, she is one smart cookie. It seems like nothing can stop her! Thank you Marie-Pier for making DashThis such a lively and fun place. It wouldn't be the same without you.

  • Spectacular Growth: Olivier Brousseau

    Olivier started in the support team, and made his way to our development team in a heartbeat. His talents range from customer service to software development, video game design, QA, name it; he’s done it all. What’s the next step? CEO maybe? Nothing can stop this amazing, smart, and resourceful guy and we don’t know where we would be today without him! Thank you Olivier, you're a real MVP!

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