How Amazing Reports Can Mean More Money In Your Pockets

streamlined reporting

Everyone can agree that time is money. 


If you want to be efficient in every sphere of your business, you need to make sure that no time has been put to waste doing repetitive tasks. This is why we created an automated reporting tool in the first place. 


But there are other ways to keep money in your pockets other than just saving time.


Here I’ll give you a taste of everything streamlined reporting can do to put more money in your pockets.


You close more clients


You heard right! Efficient reporting can help you close more clients. 


Here's how:


By building trust


The hardest and most expensive marketing challenge is earning the trust of new clients. But did you ever think of reporting as a way to do it? 


Let’s say you meet a new lead, and show them an example of the reports you usually send your clients. By showing them a good-looking, professional report, not only will they see that you’re a serious business, but you’ll be able to show them that you’re transparent, reliable, and will keep good track of their marketing campaigns. 


Your prospective clients will know from the start that if they do business with you, you will share their metrics & KPIs regularly, and they will be able to understand exactly what’s going on with their campaigns. As clients, it’s reassuring to know where your money is getting spent, and what the impact on your business is, on a regular basis. 


In other words; by showing your clear marketing reports to your prospective clients, you’ll build trust from the get-go.


By having a competitive edge


You can also present your report as a plus-value in your service offering, which can help close more clients. Maybe your biggest competitor only provides a boring-looking excel spreadsheet once a month. You, on the other hand, offer an online, custom, interactive, good-looking dashboard with easy-to-understand graphs and charts.


Doesn’t it look like you’re offering way more? 


Yes, because you do!


And the best part is, you’re not even wasting time (therefore money) creating those reports. 


So a great reporting tool, like DashThis, helps you build immediate trust by making data easy-to-read and professional. On top of that, customers will see that you’ll reduce their risk by sharing metrics regularly, AND it’s a non-neglectable competitive edge. 


Need more convincing? 


What if I told you that you can also use reporting to retain your existing clients?


You retain existing clients


Now, how can reporting help you retain existing clients? It’s all about communicating. 


Reporting helps you build trust and foster relationships, these relationships will enable an open and transparent communication that will help your clients understand what you do, and how great of a job you’re doing for them.


Clients stick with vendors they trust and understand.


And how can you make sure your clients trust and understand you?


  1. Establish good communication by sending regular reports.
  2. Explain how your KPIs are providing real value to their business.
  3. Reassess periodically so you’re proactive about providing results. 


By doing these very easy steps for all your clients, you’re fostering a trusting relationship that will last, and you’ll see your churn rate go down!


Reports, in this case, are the foundation of your communications with your clients. You can use your monthly or weekly reports to enable conversations that you wouldn’t have otherwise, you can use reports to make sure your clients really understand the hard work you’re doing, and most importantly, the great results you’re providing. If your clients understand the value you bring to their company, they will never stop doing business with you. 


You upsell more clients


Now that your clients see that your methods are working, they may be ready to take the relationship to the next level. Yep, that means the upsell


With clear historical data in every report, it'll be easy to point clients to the numbers so you can expand the services you offer them:


  1. Double down on recent successes
  2. Expand to a multi-channel strategy
  3. Amplify your current strategy


It’s quite simple, if your report is showing that your strategies are working, then it might be time to invest more, in order to double or triple down on your successes. If the current strategy does not work, however, maybe it’s time to try new things, expand to a multi-channel strategy for example. And if it’s just on a stand-still, why not give it a little boost and amplify your strategy to have better results?


With reports clearly indicating what the next steps are, you have all the tools necessary to upsell your clients, by helping them make more money! It’s a win-win situation!


Reports are an invaluable tool in the business-customer relationship. And DashThis is all about helping your business earn more money in less time with faster to create reports, that are easier to read, and all-around better for your business.

So why not save time and create money-making reports right now?


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